Student jailed for an ignoble cause

People embrace martyrdom like a hungry infant on a tit. Muzzies die for it. Gays simply adore it. Students demonstrated in the Sixties against the Vietnam war. It was a noble cause. Using violence and terror to maintain yourself in a cocoon of three year's worth of free fun is not. It is venal and pusilanimous and a result of indoctrination worthy of Brave New World.

The student jailed today for throwing a fire extinguisher was merely a rebel without a cause; a product of this coddled, me, me, me society. I hope it sends out a message to students that to be martyr means to suffer for something other than your own narrow personal life-style choices.
The Body of Jeffrey Miller after he was shot by Ohio Nationa Guard for protesting against the Vietnam War


Jim Baxter said...

'Registered users only. I'm tired of shit comments from anons.'

See, now that's funny.

Kent State was a tragedy, just a few days after Nixon had called student protesters 'bums',

Then there was his strange trip to the Lincoln Memorial in the dead of night with a security detail too small to guard against any move on his person.

But these students were really protesting the draft. Nixon made the move to a volunteer army. That's why you don't get the same class of protest any more.

Smoking Hot said...

3 others died that day and the National Guard got way with it. l believe a tape was found recently and it is supposed to have on it an order to fire ... something that was always denied by the National Guard.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Well Jim, regardless of registration, some comments are shit, but at least the culprits must identify themselves, and up to now, I have never removed a comment unless it posed a potential legal problem and even then, I am willing to be very loose with the term "legal".

Smoking, what do you expect from Nixon? He was paranoid about more or less everybody, particularly his own people. Vietnam was full of episodes that one might have thought would have turned the tide of opinion. Walter Cronkite probably did more than any individual, but these days, who is going to listen to a grey haired old man?

Twig said...

Well articulated and succinct.

If the courts deal with the Gilmour girl with equal firmness then maybe their buddies will get the message.

Brian said...

Looking on the bright side, while inside Master Woollard will be able to complete at least two years of a degree without having to pay for accommodation or tuition fees. A stretch at YOI Isis could be passed off as Oxford University a la Archer.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

The Gilmour "girl" has connections. Interesting to see how that one pans out Twig. From what I can read, he has been spoiled rotten and needs a wake up call before he dies young.

Yes, "When I was at Oxford..." You get a better class of person in the nick than the JCR I suspect, but sadly, nobody makes your bed, which I think is an abuse of human rights.