Tougher discipline in Schools

The majority of the population want to see tougher discipline in our schools and more focus on traditional subjects, according to a recent YouGov poll.

  • 82% of respondents declared they were in favour of Teachers being able to search pupils.
  • 79% said they would give teachers the right to restrain pupils
  • 56% said teachers should be able to give detentions without giving notice to parents
  • 69% supported changing the school league tables to reflect success in core subjects
  • Respondents were also asked if they were in favour of:
  • "Reintroducing a traditional approach to
    humanities subjects, such as teaching the kings
    and queens in history and key facts about
    countries in geography" and 73% said yes.

These are massive percentages. Even with the usual caveats it shows that everybody, parents included, want a more traditional approach to schooling.

But there is a problem. When asked about the role of trade unions in teaching, the sample polled was in favour of the unions by ten percentage points, though the result was broadly divided by voting intention and less dramatic. There were a lot of "Don't Knows" As any teacher will know, the NUT is a Stalinist organisation that for years has coerced teachers into political correctness and pedagogic stagnation. The NUT is responsible for turning teachers into targets of classroom bullying and catastrophic career failure. And yet, people have a perception that lingers, that this heavy-handed organisation somehow promotes better educational values. Clearly that has to change.

Support for a return to discipline in our schools is decisive and clear, but until people realise that teachers are subject to enormous pressures from their own unions to promulgate and police a leftist/nihilist worldview, it aint gonna change anytime soon.

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Richard said...

After 18 years teaching in various comps, I could write reams on this. Perhaps I will.

The NUT has a secret weapon as well. It is well to the Left, as you say, but it also has the cachet of being 'the' national union, like the NUJ, NUM etc. This gives it a false kudos among teachers, as if the other unions/associations are second-best. My Mum was a stolid NUT member, and she was a primary teacher with very moderate views, but she regarded the NUT as the only 'proper' union. I guess if she had met any of the Marxists, she would have tut-tutted and carried on.