Epeli "Pex" Uluilakeba Campaign

Epeli Uluilakeba, known as Pex to his mates, is a 29 year old Fijian former soldier who is facing deportation. He served two tours in Iraq, was badly wounded and suffered from severe PTSD. He got into trouble, was sent to Colchester and dismissed the Army. But Pex is a devout Christian and pulled himself together and trained to be a plumber. But he's not allowed to work in this country or even sign on to a GP.

The full story is here on the EURefendum blog. There is an update here.

I'm sure that you, like me, have been deeply touched by the brilliant writing of Skiplicker on his blog. If this country cannot properly look after men and women who have been mentally and physically injured on her behalf, just as it fails to care for old people and young children, then it truly deserves to become the cashpoint of the world.

Please make a donation, if you can, to the appeal (see the links), but just as importantly, please copy the links to Richard North's posts and Christopher Booker's article onto your blogs. Let's send this story viral. It is well known that the 697 odd press officers in the MoD and the thousands off others in government monitor blog memes so the more references to Pex the better. Who knows, the BBC and the rest of the British mediocre might even bother to follow a decent Human Rights story for a change.

Picture: Pex, front right, with colleagues in al Amarah - taken by Philip Hewett before he was killed in the same Snatch Land Rover where Pex sustained his injuries.


Span Ows said...

This is something I've never been able to understand: situations when the State happily deports people who have put their life on the the line for the UK but fail to enforce deportation of violent criminal scum. It simply beggars belief.

FrankC said...

MoD press officers be buggered. I've just chipped in for Pex. Where's your dosh?

Fair Britain said...

Be a fan of the face book page as a petition to stop Pex from being deported.


Anonymous said...

You might like to take a look at what happened to the fifth soldier that was in the vehicle from this link to the Independent in 2007, seems like only the three that died are 'officially' heroes.


Fijian Soldier said...

There is an online petition to the government to stop his deportation.

It is easy to fill and takes less than minute.