I know where Micky Dolenz used to live

Friday night madness and you find that again, there is nothing on the TV and you are too broke to go out. Fear not, Weasel is at hand to fill your life with joy.

Yes, I know where Mickey Dolenz used to live - Britten Street, SW3
Richard Wattis -  Ovington Square, SW3
Captain Oates - South Circular Road, Putney
Vincent Van Gogh - Hackford Road, SW9

Any more? Oh, there is a rule: you have to have stayed, at least overnight, in the same road or street or place or have lived there.

Aaaah. Names that conjour up so many fond memories. "Hey, hey we're the Van Goghs".

Soundscapes: I was driving one day and a piece of music came on the radio and blew my mind. It was Shostakovich. What's nice about the radio is how it pops little things into your head and reminds you to check them out later.

This soundscape might not do that, but try and get all the songs and gibberish without googling:

Saw a few episodes of "The Prisoner" on ITV Player. You have to be in the mood. Think Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

My moment of the week? Realising that it was not worth watching Prime Minister's Question Time. Not so great moment of the week? Realising that this has been a long month and trying to find a lot more things to cook with peppers and pine nuts.

While Shepherds watched their flocks by night, all seated on the ground, a black reggae DJ started messing with their brains. ?

I try to light the fire every day, haul the fuel, empty the grate, fiddle with sticks. I'd rather be a liar fighter than a fire lighter.


Jim Baxter said...

Whatever happened to the drink on a stick girl?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

A drink on a stick? Gin doesm't freeze.

Jim Baxter said...

Something wrong with your freezer.

Brian said...

I put a bottle of gin in the icebox at the top of the fridge to cool quickly (no need for ice cubes), forgot and took it out an hour later. Ice daggers had formed inside and the gin was head-hammeringly strong with a wonderful taste. Like dipping one's head into a mountain stream. Brrrrr! To avoid litigation, don't try either without first seeking medical advice. Most doctors are recovering pissheads and have probably tried it themselves already.

Jim Baxter said...

Actually, I prefer my gin to be superfluid. That way it pours itself. I'm lazy that way.

Brian is right though. Lose the water. A freezer of merely intermediate power will give your morning pick-me-up that knock-you-right-over-again extra something.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I actually got minor frostbite from holding a frozen vodka bottle. How else do you make a Martini?

As Brian asserts, frozen booze has quite a unique kick.