Pictures - You need no more.

All I will add is that in the Top picture, Gadaffi has a throne of Gold Leaf and Brocade, and Blair has a white plastic garden chair that looks as if it cost £2.50 at B&Q. A Clever, if slightly obvious metaphor.


Brian said...

Funny how Neville Chamberlain gets the rap for selling Czechoslovakia down the river yet nobody is blamed for doing nothing to save the Poles from the Germans and the Soviets.
The country that Britain went to war for in 1939, that provided fighter pilots in 1940 and soldiers at Monte Cassino and Arnhem was not even invited to take part in the 1946 London Victory Parade.
Why not have a photo of Churchill shaking hands with Stalin at Yalta?

Mark MacLachlan said...

Oh here's a contentious view. A defence of Chamberlain. Air Marshall Hugh Dowding of Moffat, Battle of Britain, Spitfire & Hurricane fame believed that the Luftwaffe would bomb the UK's cities into oblivion, much as it had done to Guernika the year before the Munich agreement.

The year that Appeasement bought, saw a hitherto unrivalled process of rearmament and the development of Radar stations and more importantly Air Command, a hugely different beast to Bomber Command.

If Chamberlain hadn't come back with that piece of paper, the UK would have been invaded and Blair would never have had the opportunity to share a camping holiday with Gaddafi...