Soon on WW - exclusive report from Cairo

Drew Cornick
"I actually feel safer here, than I do in
Los Angeles"

Drew Cornick reports from Cairo where he has been talking to protesters and making a photographic record of the scenes:

I have only been hassled, one time by only one guy in his early 20's on
the night Mubarak resigned. Strangely enough he was a protest supporter
but, apparently he had a bit of nationalist sentiment. However, when he
had confronted me, in Arabic, nearly 10 other protesters surrounded him
and told him to piss off, and escorted me away saying, "Everything is
going to be alright, and Thank you for being here, and welcome to Egypt."
It was truly remarkable, that complete strangers came to my rescue. Apart
from that guy, I have been welcomed with open arms and open hearts. 

Full story to follow

photo copyright: Drew Cornick


Mark Stouffer said...

This is good! I like how reasonable people seem to be over there. And I leave you with this quote, "If people can't be trusted with freedom, how can they be trusted with power?" --Anonymous

More stories Drew! Thanks.

Smoking Hot said...

Good man WW. I like this. You're definitely not one of the cut and paste fraternity.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Smoking, I was inspired by your comment on the last Egypt post

Welcome to the blog Stouffer.