They never stop being our kids

If you are old enough to have grown up children, then this is for you. Photos by Pepper.

 Pictures by David B Pepper


Hamish said...

Wrinkled, I am bamboozled by what's going on here on this blog.
I thought you were going to close the blog down and move on to better things.
Is it now a commune, like Better Nation?
And who is that dashing, soulful, narcissistic bloke in the main pic?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Sorry Hamish, it's all gone a bit Bader-Meinhoff.

Two new writers, lots of different directions and yes, I am staying put and will work as hard as I can to make this better.

As for the bloke on the banner I got him from one of those model agencies that specialise in ugly people.

Hamish said...

"lots of different directions" reminds me of the slogan "we must make progress, the direction does not matter".
And what's with this "it's all gone a bit Bader-Meinhoff"?
Do explain. (I don't mean the spelling).
The bloke on the banner is actually quite handsome, so I don't buy your last remark. Though I preferred the earlier one of the distinguished-looking RAF type.

Jim Baxter said...

I preferred the picture that was clearly Macbeth on a blasted heath, windwhipped, embittered, yet defiant. Up-to-date too.

Jim Baxter said...

Oh, and 'ravaged'. Did I say 'ravaged' about the Macbeth picture? I don't think I said 'ravaged'. Yes, the face in the later picture was 'ravaged', I thought. Ravaged, possibly even 'haggard'. Either way, more up-to-date for sure.