WW loses control of blog

Democracy is a pain. It is worse than listening to other people until it is your turn to talk. The problem with democracy is that it creeps up on you while you are not looking. And anyway, some people don't play the game according to the rules. Not only that, democracy has a fatal flaw; it plays into the hands of the mob. If, for example, we allowed genuine democracy, that is, one person one vote, on everything, then hanging would be back on the agenda and possibly free fags and booze.

My problem is this. I have recently been joined on the blog by two co-contributors. Sadly, they have turned out badly because they insist on thinking for themselves and in some cases, even arguing with me. I am actually in a minority in my own little world and I risk a coup d'├ętat from within.

Take a look at our side bar. You will see a list of "popular posts". I have no control over these because they are generated by some nasty little algorithm that prefers Royal Wedding stories and costume dramas over the proper stuff we do. And of course it is self fulfilling; the longer these posts stay in the charts, the more people will read them. Now I know why Right Said Fred felt so upset about Brian Adams.

When you give freedom to people, they go to the sweet shop and demand all the Fruit Salads and Candy Prawns in the store. When you give freedom to people they get punch drunk and start ordering pizzas with weird toppings. I never gave my kids any choice when they were little, of food or what they could wear or where they could go. And now they hate me. Actually I didn't and they don't. What I did not have was that thing where you go to someone's house and they say "would young Weasel like a sandwich", and I say "Young Weasel only has brown bread and it must be buttered on one side and by the way is that lettuce cruelty free?" That way lies entourages and a special assistant who blows coke up your ass.

The difficulty with sudden, catastrophic democracy and freedom in general is that it can be ugly and sometimes does not serve the best interests of those who seek it. I am not entirely convinced they even know what they truly want and when they get it if they will be happy. Revolutions can be ugly and may just replace one despotic regime with another.

Ah well, it is time for another generation to fight for causes. As Wordsworth said, The Child is the Father of the Man...France (at the beginning of the Revolution) lured me forth. Wordsworth wanted to be where the action was because he did not trust the media:

Like others, I had skimmed, and sometimes read
With care, the master pamphlets of the day;
Nor wanted such half-insight as grew wild
Upon that meagre soil

And so the spirit of revolution rolls on in the hearts and minds of all who hold truth and justice above some flawed invention of humankind. I am glad I have lost control.


Foxy Brown said...

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, democracy is the worst form of government except for the others. I think that dissent from your own particular orthodoxy will make for a more interesting blog.

I'm pro capital punishment, but would draw the line at people being strung up at Tyburn.

strapworld said...

There is nothing wrong with Tyburn.

People enjoyed a nice ride out to Tyburn. People waved and cheered as they progressed along the way. Songs and poems were written about those about to meet their maker in a lovely country setting.

I support capital punishment, indeed corporal punishment, and I believe public executions will invoke a great sense of community.

We must alert Cameron as this would fit in to his big society idea.

WW. You are lucky to be in a situation whereby your task is made much less onerous by other very good writers. They do not, as yet, show the excellence of your goodself.

Keep up the good work.