Songbird - a clever alternative to WMP

I raving about this. Raving. I was fed up with Windows Media Player. It always does things I don't want it to, lots of things, and its looks miserable. I have tried a lot of alternatives and none of them appealed except one: Songbird. Songbird is a very adaptable media player that will do what you want it to. It will play almost anything, unlike WMP which skip things for no particular reason or because it thinks you have nicked the file.

Songbird is free. Songbird rocks. Just give it a try and then you can do what it does best and that is to record and play stuff in Ogg format or FLAC, lossless audio. Of course it will still play all your MP3s.

The interface is understandable from the beginning and I haven't even checked out all the options. It does take a while to load and it does default to its homepage but that is a small price to pay for a media player that does not bugger you about.

Get it HERE


Horshamite said...

Thanks for this. I've downloaded it and it certainly seems better than WMP or iTunes.

FrankC said...

I followed your link and Ye gods what an awful website. Totally unreadable with Firefox and I refuse to use Redmond software. But, if it's meant to be a replacement for Windows users, then it wasn't meant for me.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Aah, Frank, the website is poor and looks bad with Firefox. What of Redmond software? Is there a problem?