Water Nymph Gets Serious

Christina Rees is a writer, broadcaster and member of the General Synod of the Church of England. She is a tireless activist for equality in the Church. Christina pops up as a talking head on many issues, primarily the current battle in the Church over the ordination of women Bishops. The reason for my interview was not to get the latest soundbite, but to scratch beneath the surface of one person who is influential in making changes in our society; to find out if they are human or not and to try and reveal the strands of experience that make them who they are as humans and what distinguishes them as agents of change.

Christina grew up on a boat, a wooden schooner, which her father had bought in 1946. Built at Block Island, off Long Island in the USA.
The Tappan Zee measured 38 feet over all and was 14 feet wide. Christina, together with her father, mother and two siblings sailed the oceans and inland waterways more or less continuously from the age of 5 to 15, beginning their incredible journey in 1958. In the introduction to her first book, Sea Urchin, she writes:
We know how to relate to people if we see their cars or sip tea with them in their houses and speak to them about their jobs, but how do we relate to people who have discarded all points of reference, who have abandoned the set criteria used to determine exactly who they are and where they fit in society?

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