WW's Weekend Window on The World

I wonder what he is thinking this time?
People are up in arms this week because Silvio Berlusconi has allegedly paid for sex. Well, think about it. How many world leaders do you know who are lookers? Poor bloke dyes his hair and has a fake tan. I dare say he has to resort to tablets in order to keep it up as well as paying for it.

 Of course, there are a few lookers. Here is Laura Chinchilla. She's the President of Costa Rica and this Chinchilla is no dog. Bow, Wow. Costa packet, too. She's a real cutie underneath it all. A couple of weeks ago she was exhorting fellow Costa Ricans to wear white to acknowledge International Women's Day "as an expression of that desire to live in peace".

Isn't that nice.

I have yearned for the years of yore this week. Nostalgic for Strawberry Mivvis, Harpic and Parma Violets. In fact all things English. Well, they've all gone. You can't even get a Halal version of them, which shows how bad things are. Some of us long for the twang of willow on leather on a hot, English sunny afternoon. Cricketers always wear white, Ms Chinchilla, so I guess their desire to live in peace is quite a commitment.

I realised this week that my phone is nearly five years old. It would be no good to either Silvio Berlusconi or national treasure Stephen Fry, for you cannot switch it on and find new friends of like mind who just happen to be needing a blow job on Hampstead Heath. As for "Apps", it's primary application is a phone. Indeed, I have never worked out what else, if anything, it does.

This weekend I shall have to attend to things that grown in the great outdoors. So I shall buy some seeds and plant them and watch the cats pull them up. Then I shall plant some seedlings and watch the Chickens pull them up and perhaps rescue a few, and low and behold I shall have a fine crop of mouldy home-grown headless green stuff that can go in next year's compost. That is, if I have enough time to harvest it between showers, hail and snow.

It's more about being one with the Earth than the final product, after all.

Here's a bit of music trivia: Mike Hurst (see side bar) rescued Colin Blunstone from a life of misery. Mike would not put it that way of course, but Colin Blunstone was on the verge of going back to normal life and a proper job after the disbanding of The Zombies. On a not very good quality Skype connection of mine, Mike Hursts remembers:

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