Songs are funny things. Nobody knows how to get a hit. You can try to get a hit but it is not until that hit comes out of the blue and you think that maybe you have something that the whole thing clicks. Of course, you can turn out drivel and people will buy drivel, especially if it ticks all the boxes, but then you have to think ten or twenty years down the line and if it is drivel, well, then you wont even be thinking about it.

I am doing an interview next week with Tom McGuinness, he of Manfred Mann, McGuinness Flint and The Blues Band. McGF had a big hit with "When I'm Dead and Gone" and the story of how that song was inspired will be revealed on in a week or two. I loved that record. I bought it when it first came out and I still play it. It has stood the test of time.

Another artist you may like to check out is Catherine Howe. I have just posted an interview with Catherine, together with a review of her new album English Tale. It's a collaboration with Vo Fletcher and Ric Sanders (he of Fairport fame).

Catherine's songs are really rather good, as befits a Novello winner. See you, over at

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