Chris Huhne - How long will he last?

There is little doubt in my mind that stories like the Chris Huhne saga are subject to the controls and whims of Fleet Street. Remember that Mark Oaten was exposed shortly after he decided to run for leadership of the Lib Dems. The implication is that of course they knew what he was up to but were prepared to keep a lid on it until Oaten got too big for his boots. It is also curious that David Laws has been given an easy time of it. I have been unable to find out exactly which "six breaches" of Parliamentary standards he was guilty of. Fleet Street is reluctant to go for him it seems. Certainly, had the findings in the Laws case been published in full, it would cast doubt on the "it's cos I is Gay" defence. (Interestingly, Ivan Massow agrees with me "Cooking the books had nothing to do with being gay, it was due to his utter lack of integrity." he writes) But that does not suit Fleet Street, or the Political Classes; Laws is in.

 Chris Huhne most certainly is out. The question is how long has he got? The news today is that there is a tape which, while not being conclusive, certainly paves the way for an investigation. Did someone say, down in the vaults of the Establishment, "Mr Huhne has become a nuisance. Let's hope he meets with an accident."

I doubt he will last the week at this rate. The MSM have decided to go for him and that is that.

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