BBC Bias facts number 193494339

Over at the Coffee House, Rob Liddle posted a piece in which he writes: "nobody wants to appear right wing."

I take his point. Its the kind of slur that goes along with "homophobic" and "capitalist", terms which have been commandeered by the linguistic terrorists to shut down debate and scare people away from facing the issues.

My comment on his piece ran thus:

A quick search in the domain: reveals that the phrase "right wing blogger" yields 638 results, whereas "left wing blogger" gets 484 - about 25% less.
Simply "left wing" gets 355,000, "right wing" gets 459,000 and again, just a bit less than 25% more references.
It is not for me to make grandiose suggestions as to why this is, but by repitition alone, the phrase "right wing" is being drilled into the subconscious of the BBC's subscribers.
And BTW, "right wing extremism" clocks in at over 3,500 whereas "left wing extremism" gets a piddling SIX!
If anybody had the guts to stand up to this organisation and reveal it to be what everyone knows it is, we could save ourselves a lot of money and protect the public from having to pay to be propagandised.

Clearly the BBC, one of the organisations who push, with evangelical fervour, a left-leaning liberal view on the rest of us, has made an editorial decision to equate "right wing" with "extremism" but cannot bring themselves to do likewise with "left wing" Res Ipsa Loquitor.


Anonymous said...

I agree. The bbc ( small letters) are purveyors of pure propoganda. I swithed off them ages ago.

Anonymous said...

It's because the political spectrum has been purposely engineered and altered so that pure one party communism will be seen as normal and central and anything slightly right of that will be labeled "right wing extreme". That way the flock can be carefully herded into the one world communist government under the one world dictator - and nobody will complain as it will, by then, seem perfectly normal and politically "central".