I hate it when charites send you those crappy pens that are sent to make you feel guilty if you use them and dont give or even if you throw them away and dont give. I don't like being bombarded with appeals for money that I dont have. But I do think I should do something.

Well, Dr Pants and I have come up with something. It is a charity which works on a scale that I can understand, called Vetaid. They are small scale, they manage a high donation to actual end user ratio and are, a lot of fun.

The money from the sale of our chickens' eggs goes to them. It is not a lot in the scheme of things, but the advantage is, I can connect with Vetaid in a way I could not with others.

Among other things, Vetaid provides chickens to no-income families in Africa, particularly those families that have been ravaged by AIDS. Once installed, the chickens provide a low-maintenance form of daily nutrition. It is therefore nicely fitting that our hens help provide chickens for somebody else.

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