Paulo Freire

I didn’t understand anything because of my hunger. I wasn’t dumb. It wasn’t lack of interest. My social condition didn’t allow me to have an education. Experience showed me once again the relationship between social class and knowledge

This is the third time i have tried to publish this thread and it keeps disappearing. I do hope i am not being paranoid about it.

This nice old bloke is Paulo Freire. He wrote a book called,

The Pedagogy of the Opressed

which changed the way I think about things.

To exist, humanly, is to name the world, to change it Posted by Picasa


Easels Whipped My Flash said...

This dude sounds like a right barrel of laughs! I bet his Christmas party will be a real hoot.

Anonymous said...

i am about to begin my student teaching in a high school - i am 35 years old... and paulo freire is my hero.... i have focused on his views and his critical pedagogy design to frame my teaching philosophy. it is always insightful to see what others think of him. thanks! Laurie