Night of the Demon - Movie of the week

One of my all time, favourite films. Directed by Jacques Tourneur, (Cat People, Berlin Express etc.) It is a 1950's supernatural thriller loved, also it transpires, by Kate Bush, whose Hounds of Love samples the film at the outset "It's in the trees".

It is never shown on British TV these days and the DVD version is a USA region in NTSC format, so it is not a lot of use to me. I do have an old copy on video, which is nearly worn out.

Dana Andrews plays a sceptical scientist caught up in the machinations of a devil cult. Niall MacGinnis plays its leader, Julian Karswell, possibly modelled on real life wicked man Aleister Crowley.
It is a cracker of a plot, spoiled only by the appearance of the rather naff demon, which was allegedly included in the cut against the director's wishes.
Tourneur, like me, likes trains, and the final scenes are played out on one.

This is a must see film, so it gets *****

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