The week this week

what a week it has been, culminating in the attemped destruction of Hemel Hempstead.

The 25th Anniversary of John Lennon's death.

The election of yet another leader of the Conservative Party... rather like electing a new Captain of the Titanic, I would have thought...not just a poisoned chalice, a stinky rotten one too.

But most of all, (sobs uncontrollably) the passing of the routemaster bus.

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WAMF said...

John Lennon...Hemel Hempstead...London buses...David Cameron...

Obviously this is all part of a huge conspiracy.

Imagine is indeed the biggest pile of dreck ever written. Imagine no possessions, eh, John? Easy when you're a multi-millionaire pop star (though arguably not quite so easy when you're a dead one).