Being a bit Scandinavian

Must have some Viking blood in me somewhere. My Classical music grab bag has to include the entire works of Jean Sibelius, or at a pinch Syphony no.2 and the Karelia Suite. These are lighter in mood than many of his works. for introspection, while you are writing the suicide note, it has to be Symphony no.4. I enjoyed a visit to Finland years ago.

Both Dr Pants and I have visited Helsinki. The surrounding country, the lakes and forests, the arhcitecture and the quiet, alabaster people... it all asks you to slow down and enjoy the silence.


Anonymous said...

I probably have some viking blood in me on my mother's side. They allegedly pillaged and plundered in north of France and Germany, then came over with the Normans and settled in "Norfolk", which means "norse folk" I believe.

I like AHA, Roxette, Abba and Ungvie Malstrom (or something like that). He is a really good rock guitarist.

hirvi said...

Nice pics, WW, did you go in winter?

Personally, I find Helsinki a pretty hectic place. Every time I get off the train there, there are all these mad people rushing around in all directions, and I'm rooted to the spot, petrified to move.

Best wishes, and btw, I like your blog :-)