Curse of the Weasel

My confident prediction, in mid december, (see below) that Charles Kennedy will be gone by the end of January, was not quite as wreckless as I thought.

As i write, he has probably got hours left as leader of the Lib Dems, following yesterdays confession that he is an alchoholic. Not many people were surprised to hear this.

All I can say at the moment is that even if Simon Hughes runs for the leadership, he won't win.

I like Vince Cable personally but he is not exactly televisual, despite having a name sounding like a fifties rock star.

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Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for Simon Hughes.

I am not happy with Ming Campbell because Charles Kennedy passed my academic thoughts on the Woolf Report (which he said was "extremely important" to Ming, and I have heard nothing further.

Doing nothing is not progressive or objective. Not good basis for potential PM.

Incidentally if you look up Campbell and Cameron names they are both gaelic one means "A crooked mouth", the other means "A crooked nose".

Aesethically, this is not a good sign in potential leaders!!!