Books that you must read!

I have tried not to sound insufferably hip in my choice of books, but there you are: it's my blog, my choice and at the end of the day, i stick by them. They are chosen on the basis that they had some kind of profound effect on the way I think.

  • Anything by Herman Hesse, but particularly Narziss and Goldmund
  • On the Road - Jack Kerouac
  • Travels with Charlie - John Steinbeck (I just liked this one)
  • Against Nature - J K Huysmans
  • 1984 - George Orwell
  • Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
  • Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad

  • Anything by Knut Hamsun; Women at the Pump, Growth of the Soil, Hunger etc.
  • Father and Son- Edmund Gosse
  • The Karamazov Brothers - Dostoevsky
  • Strindberg - various
  • Kafka - various
  • Thoreau -Walden
  • Beowulf
  • The Icelandic Sagas
  • The Bible
  • The Pedagogy of the Opressed - see article below
  • Almost any Biography
  • poetry by Oscar Wilde, John Clare, WB Yeats, Baudelaire, Emily Dickinson.

A strange book, "The Old Straight Track" written by Alfred Watkins, back in 1925 introduced to the public the theory of ley lines. And it is not quite as easy to dismiss as you might think, when you read his thesis. It is a little bit like climbing Glastonbury Tor. There is something mystical going on there....


WAMF said...

Knut? There's a name to conjure with. My current fave is Jorge Louis Borges - Labyrinths.

Anonymous said...

Liked "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck. Did it at school in Highlands.

Otherwise really like


hirvi said...

I should have taken a closer look at that list.

Beowulf and Snorri - definitely.
Orwell and Kafka too.

I'd add Solzhenitsyn and Böll, and offer Kalevala.