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I dont tend to have static lists of things, but always, somewhere near the top of my album list will be an early Jethro Tull Album. Stand Up was one of their finest, followed closely by Benefit. These days the band still ploughs a furrow in the section marked "Tribute Acts" in that, apart from Ian Anderson, their are no founder members left in it and Ian's voice is really not that good any more. Nevertheless, Stand Up hit the top of the charts in 1969, along with Clapton, The Beatles and the Stones. This success was due in no small part to Clive Bunker, an energetic crazed looking drummer and Glenn Cornick whose mischievous, melodic bass playing gave Tull something that sounded like jazz, classical folk and rock all at the same time. But I am a little biased on the latter because these days I am proud to be able to call Glenn and his family my friends.
Fans should certainly visit
and see Glenn's extensive collection of Tull memorabilia and Galleries.

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