The A to Z of movies "C"

Now, I could waffle on about Casablanca, possibly the best example of a movie that should have been a "B" picture, should have been a dud, but somehow became, for all the accidents and serendipity behind the making of it, a screen gem.

But I wont.

Instead, let me tell you about another little gem, "Cool and Crazy".
Cool and Crazy
is a documentary about a disparate group of men in the Norwegian province of Finnmark, who are in a choir.

"Yeah", I hear you say as you exhale the smoke of your Lambert & Butler, in a slow, Kentucky Bourbon drawl.

In this film, director Knut Erik Jensen reveals what the blurb in the contemporary trailers for "Casablanca" promised - "all humanity is here".

It is dramatic: you become gripped by the stories of these men, and how they all coalesce, to some extent, in the Berlev├ąg male voice choir. They are men of hope and belief, men of fortitude and tenacity, men of quiet desperation, in a word -MEN.

You can get it on DVD, and really, you should.

(film may be edited for smoking scenes, inhalation and preparation of an on-screen hand-rolled cigarette, and therefore, this DVD may not be available in Scotland)

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