Hello plebs! It's time for meeeeee to take over this insufferably hip, tawdry and gloppy blog! I am Colonel Mustard, and I will be dropping in from time to time to let you know the real truth - the TRUTH about Tony Blair and the sequined lavatory paper - the real truth behind Lester Piggot's training bra - the real truth about Angela Lansbury's moustache. Mad? Me?

Notice how Gordon Brown only washes his hair on Budget Days? He had a new shirt too because his usual shirts all curl at the collar. Does not bode well for a potential leader eh? EH?

Anybody want to buy a used Abu Hamsa glove puppet? Too late, I have put it on e-bay so you can fuck off.


wrinkled weasel said...

I am really sorry folks. Someone has hacked into my blog.

I have contacted blogger about this and hope "Colonel Mustard" or whoever he is, can be snuffed out asap.

Lesley McDade said...

Colonel Mustard - prey do tell the truth. Which country are the weapons of mass destruction in : the Russian Lounge; the Syrian Kitchen; the Iranian Conservatory!!

Please do not invade my blog - or I will sue you!