Risibilis - Chirac storms out of "English" speech

The BBC reports:-

French President Jacques Chirac showed his temper at the EU summit when a French business leader addressed delegates in English.

He stormed out of a session when Ernest-Antoine Seilliere said he chose English "because that is the accepted business language of Europe today".

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Oh Jaques. You sneer about our food. You use every opportunity to impose fatuous trade embargoes on our produce, and you still love to stuff geese full of grain so that you can indulge your froggy sense of epicureanism.

And now, just because, naturally, English is the preferred language of business in the EU you are throwing your rattle out of the pram. I would behave yourself if I were you...there are still one or two corruption issues you have to face when your Presidential immunity runs out! So Pooh!

Victory pour les Rosbifs!

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Lesley McDade said...

Les petits grenouille n'est-ce pas heureux: je me pense