Vile Films - The Sound of Music

As if one needed evidence for the existence of pure evil in this world, it is the motion picture, The Sound of Music

Dubbed by Christopher Plummer (Von Trapp) "The Sound of Mucus", this film epitomizes Oscar Wilde's aphorism that, "Sentimentality is the Bank Holiday of Cynicism". A friend of Plummer's described the experience of watching it as,
"Being beaten to death with a Hallmark Card".

It won multiple Oscars, including "Best Picture", which just shows you that Hollywood was full of sentimental old poofters, long before "BrokeBack Mountain" came along.

Sad then, that the family Von Trapp, who were the real life inspiration for this pit of puked up Vodka Red Bull and Doner Kebab, were heroic, decent people, who espoused charity and common sense.


Fluffy Bunny said...

A little vituperative, I would say!

a.c.t said...

I found a snippet from "The Sound of Mucus" - sounds great.
[Maria has been summoned to see the Reverend Mother about her un-nunly behaviour]
Reverend Mother: "I am deeply concerned about you Maria. You do not seem to see eye to eye with your fellow sisters."
Maria: "I've tried my best! Some of them are cock-eyed anyway."
Reverend Mother: "Accusing them of sexual misconduct is not trying your best, Maria."
Maria: "I heard them singing 'How do you solve a problem like gonorrhea'! Some of the townsfolk say they would get up on a hairy hand."

Lesley McDade said...

Where would we be without:

The Sound of Music
The Rocky Horror Show
Rab C Nesbit
Star Trek Movie

etc etc etc

You see the show and you dress up!!

On the issue of the Rocky Horror Show - I borrowed a biker's jacket, put on my mini and knee length boots, etc and so did my friend. I had had to work through my lunch, met my friend in L'attache for a drink - Diamond White Cider - or two or three. Strong stuff but I didn't know it on an empty stomach. I didn't make it to the show but my friends did. I lay on the floor of someone's flat instead.

On the issue of Rab C Nesbit. I attended a performance at the Hammersmith Odeon. Boys dress in string vests and bandanas with a Daily Record out the back pocket and the girls, well Mary Doll!!

Star Trek Movie

What an experience, on top deck of a bus, adults, singing Cling on's on the starboard side ...

But I have never done The Sound of Music. Have I missed out on something. Life for example.

Matt The Next Next 007 said...

Vile maybe but John Coltrane's version of My Favourite Things makes it almost all worthwhile, daddio.

Does anyone ever turn up to the show dressed as the turncoat Austrian postman?