Anti Americanism? Moi?

The BBC is carrying a story about how Americans in Britain feel abused and subjected to "a kind of racism"

read the link that you will find HERE

The poor woman in the article has to pretend she is Canadian, to avoid being dissed. How low can you get? Canadian? ( I wish I was Canadian, by the way)

Now listen to me babe. Americans over here make the mistake of being so up themselves, so patriotic and so bloody sure they are right, combined with total sense of humour failure, that you deserve all you get, plus a dry slap from me for mentioning Bush or the Stars and Stripes in a favourable manner.

You have one of the most beautiful, geographically diverse countries in the world, and yet you have reduced the indigenous poplulation to a novelty minority, exploit cheap illegal labour so that your pool stays clean, and wage illegal wars on people who cannot defend themselves.

And, (and this really pisses me off) in a world where two thirds of the people on this planet are hungry, America holds Competitive Eating Contests! (That's the fat bastard in the picture, described, with total lack of irony as, "an ambassador for the sport of competitive eating"

And so the second word is "off"


Jules said...

You can sponsor a very unfat child at Project Mala for as little as £9 per month ... or you can wait for world social revolution.

wrinkled weasel said...

yep, and you can contribute to Vetaid - see the link on the left there.

All proceeds from the sale of our chickens' eggs goes to them.