Hello Mr Weasel. I can't help thinking you have us "yanks" all wong. Mr Bush is our Pwesident, and it is twaditional to get behind him for the sake of the nation. Now I know you would like to get behind him to kick him in the a$$, but let's be fair.

Since the twouble in 1776, we have managed quite well. We brought you House MD, My Name is Earl, Cwosby Stills and Nash, Gweenday, Jon Cox, a promising young artist, Pulp Fiction (the genwe, not the movie) and a little bit of help with the Germans in 1944. We love to entertain and open our homes to you. We have Batman, Superman, Spiderman and (modestly) Me, Captain Nice. Our women, bless em, smell of cookies and milk, and our men smoke "luckies" and dwink Miller. We are just folks.

Please, don't twy and tar wus with the same bwush, Mr Weasel - Come and spend summer with me in Machiasport, Maine, and see how woyally we tweat you Bwitish.

Kind wegards, your pal,
Captain Nice


Lesley McDade said...

Mr Nice - that's a stonker of a costume - are you on parole from Disneyland!

Not sure about your list of programs - none bar House is my cup of tea - and it is headed up by a Bwit!.

However, will forgive you on the strength of CSI, Law and Order, Desperate Housewives and anything with Jodi Foster in it.

Captain Nice said...

Dear Ms McDade

Thank you for your kind comment.

The suit was bought at a local Superstore. We all had a laugh because I forgot to take the kebabs off my head when they did the fitting.

I don't understand why you think I am on pawole. I never did anything bad because I wemain, yours, etc.

Captain Nice (at the forefwont of the fight against bad things)