Charles Clarke/Prescott/Short

What is there left to be said? Only that by the time you read this Clarke will be history. He is probably "considering his position" over the weekend. If he doesn't resign after the latest revelations, then this government really has no shame.

Prescott is also "considering his postition" from the spare room, after some utterly cliched trouser activity. The only shocking thing is how he managed, the charmless bastard, to get two years of free nookie? Of course it is never "free" is it? I believe I came up with the phrase "Two Shags" as the news broke, but it was not long before the red tops picked it up.

Turns out, Clare Short, an old time favourite of mine, is going out with Mo Mowlam's husband. (Of course, Mo is dead, so no worry there) And I had her down for a Lesbian. (The lesbian I had her down for, must be consequently disappointed.)

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wrinkled weasel said...

ok so I was a bit previous on the Clarke prediction. That was down to me not remembering what a nefarious bastard Tony Blair is and how he was going to dump Clarke all along but doing it before the local elections was going to look bad.

Well Tone, it looks bad anyway so stuff you.