Guest Contributor - Captain Nice

Hello again folks. Captain Nice here. Actually I am twying to keep a low-pwofile at the moment, hence the Waybans. The Weasel seems to have returned, and may I be one of the first to welcome him with a hearty wip woaring "hello".

I have been saving lots of people from bad things this week - encouraging people to be nice. It's a big job, even for a superhewo.

Lots of vewy bad foweign cwiminals have been let out onto our streets it seems, but that's ok, because they are easy to spot what with hoodies, beards and new vewy expensive twainers. If only life were that easy with personal welationships! When it comes to facial hair and new twainers, not every one is married to Fweda Kahlo or Jimmy Savile.

Cliff Wichard came to mind wecently as someone who has been nice for years. Well done Cliff!

Time to go then, so kind wegards to all my good fweinds.
Captain Nice

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