Dead of Night - the continuing A to Z of crucial movies

Dead of Night is one of those movies I just happened to catch by accident one day and became established as a firm favourite. Hardly ever shown these days, but crucial, nevertheless.

I shan't bore you with a synopsis here - somebody does it better at this site

Beware though - spoiler warning!

D.O.N is a collection of short pieces brought together in a spooky house type setting, as one by one, the guests relate stories of the supernatural. Filmed in the forties, it relies on narrative integrity and fine acting and direction, rather than special effects to tell the stories. It also included a story featuring those two fine Englishmen, "Charters and Caldicott", aka Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne. I did a piece on them earlier in the blog - HERE


Matt The Next Next 007 said...

Hey Weaze,

One of my favourite films starts with D: Dolls, directed by Takeshi Kitano. Some people think it's about two people walking very slowly across a series of stunning landscapes, which it is, but I liked it.

On the subject of Japanese films and scary films, you can't beat Japanese scary films. The original version of Ring is well worth watching, especially on TV.

wrinkled weasel said...

Never heard of that one but it sounds wonderful. However, on the subject of Japanese films...I saw Rashomon, 7 samurai and all those Toshiro Mifune movies when I was a kid, and frankly, they left me cold. Oriental stuff of any kind does not happen for me. Must be something missing from my genes. I remember "Monkey" and "Kung Fu" but the latter doesn't count. All that swinging around on wires makes me think, "I need to go and make a cup of tea".

keep up the comments please. I sometimes feel I am ranting into the void.