The Weasel Speaks Out!

A ten year old boy has been prosecuted for racist abuse. He actually went to court before a judge, after a dispute in the playground with another boy. He is TEN YEARS OLD for goodness sake, and probably needs a clip round the ear.

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We should protect the weak, not be tyrannised by them

I nicked sweets from Woolworths when I was ten, got caught by the manager, told off, and never did anything like that again. I also, punched my best friend in the face and threw a knife through my foot during a game. My bottom was also fondled by a teacher. I was also bullied so badly I had to leave school at the age of 15. It's called LIFE. You dont spend it trying to get your own back on society by using the very mechanisms that are there to protect you from serious harm. You move on. If you consider yourself to be part of a minority group, think yourself lucky that you live in one of the fairest most tolerant societies on Earth.

Sure, no one should be bullied, or racially abused or sexually abused, but there are ways to deal with this. Prosecuting ten year old boys is not one of them.

Political Correctness is killing freedom of thought and replacing moral authority with arbitrary legalism. It is allowing minorities to dictate the agenda. It is accordingly, undemocratic.

Political Correctness has at its heart the untenable assertion that it has a monopoly of the truth when in reality it is no better than a religious cult for the pusilanimous and intellectually challenged.

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Jules said...

Personally, I think all young people should be shot, so the rest of us can keep up. The world is crazier and more of it than we think