Eraserhead - continuing the A to Zee of crucial movies

Eraserhead must count as one of the most disgusting movies ever made. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

An early outing for David Lynch, whose "Elephant Man" also gets a mention here.

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Why do I like it? Where does it fit in? First the story: -I like it because it is about the perversity of fortitude. It is about wood chip mundanity and cold comfort. It is an anatomy of despair and the omnipotence of being earnest.

(oh gee, I nearly described it as a feel-good movie just then, when in fact it is a feel utterly revolted movie!!!!)

The images are like posed still photos from fifty years before (it was made in black and white). I was very aware at the time of the director's use of off-screen sounds to add dramatic effect and ambience. (He did this again in Elephant Man)

I quote from the nostalgia central entry:

It's a waking dream about Henry (John Nance in the title role), a weird character with a peculiar elongated head and hair that stands on end. He lives in an industrial town and fathers the small, bandaged monster. Mounds of earth sit on the furniture, a girl lives in the radiator and Henry's head is ultimately made into an eraser.

It was released in 1977 at the height of the PUNK era. In a way it sits nicely in the kind of cod- nihilism zeitgeist of the times. Daft story? Unbelievable? Not really - it conforms to its own internal logic and the eraser end is a sort of joke on the audience, because you sit there thinking "Eraserhead, why Eraserhead?

You cannot die before have seen Eraserhead.

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