No. nobody ever said THAT

Chips. French Fries - call 'em what you will.

Someone always pinches a chip from your bag. You say, "Fancy some chips?" Ever heard anyone say, "Oh no, I don't fancy chips." No. Nobody ever said that. (See Ice Cream - in the same series)

Nobody ever said,"No. Not chips. Get me a mung bean, tahini and alfalfa wrap" did they?

chipschipschipschipschips and sauce


Jules said...

I had a friend who, dangerously and almost fatally (I'd say as it seemed at the time) slipped on a chip as she exited a nightclub. She'd said 'yes' to chips earlier that night.

a.c.t said...

Add crisps and sweets to the list..

wrinkled weasel said...

Yes. Chips should carry a safety warning.

I agree that crisps should go on the list but I am not a great sweetie fan. I have said "no" to sweeties.

In-car sweeties are essential - I favour something called "aromatics" - little, cinnamon flavoured lozenges or extra strong mints.

Jules said...

How about doughnuts? Said yes to takeaway chips on the windy beach today (just for the extra sand-crunch) and a portion of doughnuts on the pier. Why yes? I don't even like 'em. Before I know it, I'll be on forty a day and down the doughnut cessation clinic.

Captain Nice said...

Hello Jules,

Captain Nice here just filling in for my pal, Mr Weasel. I must point out, politely, that doughnuts are fattening. I can give you the number for cwispy cweme anonymous if you have come to a point of wealisation about your pwoblem.(40-a-day! sounds like a case of Wenommiershmiss!)

Kind wegards,
Captain Nice (fighting all things that aren't nice)

* (asterisk) said...

I said no to chips one day last week. Wife had suggested chips for dinner. I said no, because I'd had chips for lunch.