Ghastly old hag wins herceptin fight - your mate, Colonel MUSTARD

Hello Weasel lovers. What pants. what matching bra and pants this blog is. A great death for the Weasel would be.... let me see, no, not in the study with the lead piping, but, just as an easyjet flight dumps the contents of its lavatory over East Lothian, the said contents turn into lethal icy shards as they plummet through the lower atmosphere, piercing the Weasel through the heart. The latest weapon - a crap popsicle!

Now this mad woman who went to court in order to live a bit longer. Has she looked in the mirror recently? See my girlfriend here, "Rainbow Kiss Moonchild", on the right, now she is a senior honey- and Wayne Rooney you can fuck off and get yer own.

Regards, your best mate and guest contributor (muuuwwaahhahah!)

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wrinkled weasel said...

I apologise for any offense. Colonel Mustard wont leave me alone. I am sorry about this but don't seem to be able to stop him.