Hi folks. Captain Nice here, just checking in to see if you are saving lots of helpless fluffy kittens and getting five portions of fwuit and vegetables a day. I know I do. But we can't all be super can we?

Neverthless, I am here, and can be consulted on all things nice, and can assist in getting wid of all sorts of bad things. Will your weaders let me know what they would like me to assist them with? Any wongs needing to be wighted? Any misplaced Wenommierschmiss? I can leap into action in a twice!

I like the blog, Mr Weasel, but keep it clean will you? There are impwessionable ol' folks out there who might be offended, not to mention Daily Mail weaders with special needs.

I am afraid I cannot wid you of that Mustard wotter. He is after all a Colonel and accordingly, he outwanks me.

Best Wishes,
Captain Nice

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