Interesting People

Angela Dworkin. Has to be on a list of the debate on the 2oth century.

I said, "interesting", that is not a wholehearted endorsement!

Go to the Spark to Fire Us blog - SPARK TO FIRE US

or click on THIS direct link to the post

and consider the issues.


Jon Cox said...

You're blog is very AWESOME & really entertining!! :o)

wrinkled weasel said...

thanks for the positive feedback Jon!

Jon Cox said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my site! It's greatly appreciated! I'm glad you'll be checking back just as I will be checking up on yours, thank you! :o)

Jules said...

Thanks Weaz for giving her a (neutral) mention. How do you do this direct link to article thing that you do blogmentor?

Jon Cox said...

Hi! :o) I'm currently working on a series of creations that I will be posting all at once so if I don't have anthing new on my blog for a while thats why. Please keep checking back often! :o)