Hello fwiends. Captain Nice here.

I hope I can call some of you fwiends. I enjoyed the Weasel's occasional series "No one ever said that".

So I have bwought you my own!

Would you like a nice cup of Tea? Of course you would. No one ever said, "No, I wouldn't like a nice cup of tea. No one ever said, "Don't bwing me a nice cup of tea, bwing me a glass of cawwot juice" did they? No. No one ever said that.

Kind Wegards,
Captain Nice


Susan said...

that's cute capt nice! hahahaha yup bwing me a cup of tea puleeasseeeee

mrs nice said...

Well, pretty much by definition, if it was a NICE cup of tea you would like it, wouldn't you? On the other hand, noone ever said 'Would you like a horrible cup of tea?'

Captain Nice said...

Well Mrs Nice! how erm.. nice of you to pop in. Ivor Cutler did a piece about old cups of tea - and some of them were not so good. In his storwy you could buy new, still warm cups of tea to weally gwusome wank cups that were days old.

Jon Cox said...

Youre so AWESOME! :o)

Jules said...

I did! I have! Sorry about your lisp and everything, but you're just not right! I've been heard to demand "Bring me a strong coffee!" on many occasions and "Fuck right off with your english tea!" in many a catering establishment.

(aside) Can't someone slip some beans into this poor sod's suit?!