Ah well, some of us just know when something is right

Yes, The Weasel's favourite pick for Eurovision won and I cannot let this opportunity go by without reminding all my dear readers. Well done Lordi!!!!!

We will draw a veil over Las Ketchup who were erm, bloody awful, and apologies for missing the surprise loony entry, "We are winners of Eurovision" by the plucky Lithuanians.

Our very own Daz (Gawd what a name) came 19th, with his backing band of "schoolgirls". I mean, it was not very clever was it - if you want women in pigtails dressed as schoolgirls there is the internet for that sort of thing. Perv or what? And very naff.

Well it is over for another year. See you all in Helsinki.

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* (asterisk) said...

Congrats on picking the winner, WW. Still, arguably not hard in that shower of (ahem). See, I can self-censor if need be.

Las Ketchup were sooooo disappointing. I had high hopes.

And I must confess that I thought Daz was about twice as good as I'd expected. Still a big old paedo, though. Him, that is - not me.