Cities I like

Helsinki and Venice.

Helsinki because of the quiet, modest people and the very lack of snobbery and class structure. It beautiful, for a city.
Venice. It is like being in a movie - not sure if that's Don't Look Now, or Death in Venice or what, but it is far more than you can imagine.


* (asterisk) said...

Never been to Helsinki.

But Venice rocks big-time. Have you checked out my review (such as it is) and my six-line review?

Candy Minx said...

Don't Look Now...what a movie. I was always into movies as a kid, but this movie played on halloween in Kitimat, B.c. (pacific northwest in Canada) and it changed my life. I walked out of the theatre going...movies aren't what I thought they were! I was stunned and felt as if the colour red must symbolize something...but what I was too young to understand, maybe I always will be but I have made the effort to see anything the director, Nicolaus Roeg has made.