Freddie Gage speaks exclusively to the Weasel

WW: So Freddie, how did the idea for the album come about?
FG: Funnily enough, i got the idea from Charlie Manson. He suggested "Helter Skelter" for the title, seeing as it is his favourite Beatles track, especially when played backwards.
WW:Played backwards?
FG: Yeah. If you play Helter Skelter backwards a crazy voice tells you to kill people!
WW: So, would I be right in thinking "All my friends are Dead" is autobiographical?
FG Too darn right its auto bio.. whatever you said. All my friends are dead 'cos I strangled 'em, and you know, they just whinged and whined while I did it. A bunch o' chickens if you ask me, gasping fer mercy as the ligature tightened around their miserable necks.
WW: Freddie, I don't like the "Chicken" analogy. You know, actual chickens are not cowardly at all. They just have a realistic sense of Health and Safety Issues.
FG: Oh. Sorry.
(The interview ended there when the warder came to take Freddie back to his cell.)

All my Friends are Dead is soon to be reissued as a remastered Fatboy Slim remix CD, with bonus tracks of his victims screaming in terror. All proceeds from the sale of the album will go to the Radclyffe Hall section of the Offa's Dyke restoration project.


Jules said...

DWORKIN. C'mon now, you tempted me there!

Anonymous said...

lame, ive been looking to get this album, and all i find is THIS SHIT!?!?? THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE?"?!?!?