Jon Cox - Artist

I like
Jon's work because it is aesthetically pleasing, droll, challenging and appears to convey interesting messages about the way people see themselves, though I have not had the priveledge of viewing these for real.

A note about scale. When you visit his website Art is Life, Life is Art you will see that these seem to be at least half "real size". The models are made from discarded materials. I like that.

There is quite a variety of subject matter but they all appeal to me because they take away a layer of reality and expose an essence - I can't explain it further than that - you will have to look. Some of the people have been modelled from "real life" and he has placed actual photos for comparison. When you see the actual people he has modelled, you might understand what I am trying to get at.

Click on the picture for an enlarged view.


a.c.t said...

Pretty good stuff. You'll be pleased to hear that I watched The Third Man this afternoon. I really enjoyed it - both the shadows and the music are fantastic. The scene where the camera pans in on Orson Welle's face for the first time is amazing.

Jules said...

Jon's sculptures are brilliant. Perhaps he'll do one of you Weaz'!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate this ALOT!!! :o)