Our latest little friend

Permission to say "aaah" all regions, free of fees.
It is hanging on to life. Sadly its sibling struggled and died yesterday, but, that's life.

It's the first chick we have ever had.


a.c.t said...

Congrats to Mother and cock. Gorgeous little fella. How come he's not yellow, is it a different breed?

wrinkled weasel said...

Thank you.

"Blackie" is a cross between Max,our Poland Creole cockerel (see blog passim) and one of two possible chickens, Sandra a Lohmann Brown or Alice, a Cochin.

Current money is on Alice, a white, leg-feathered Cochin.

Watch this space!!!

Florence + Son of Weasel said...


acexailm mexalica acalimex lime-caxa axelicma axelmica mica-axel mical-axe lacexaim laceaxim lace-mixa - a few suggested names.. (anagrams of max n alice!) maybe a name competition is in order?

love to you and all the animals!

S.O.W n Tulula

Anonymous said...

consider death - well thats life for ya!

* (asterisk) said...

Your new friend is great, WW. Give my congrats to the proud mama.