Album Cover models of the 60's - Kelly Lungstrunk

It takes time to track down the people who modeled for album covers from 40 years ago. I am indebted on this occasion to Rita Harpur, formerly of the Philip Morris agency who booked Kelly Lungstrunk for the mermaid photoshoot that finally became the cover of Leo Diamond's Skin Diver Suite.

(My contract with Miss Lungstrunk's current agent demanded that the interview be published unedited.)

WW: Had you done a lot of modelling before the mermaid shoot?

KL: No, but I had been working in Macy's store doing the Aquatic department displays, so I guess I had some idea of what was required, like how to move and keep moist.

WW: Were you worried about the nudity aspect?

KL: Not really. I meditated, and asked my spiritual advisor and he said go ahead. He even let me practice at his place.

WW: Were you wearing panties?

KL: What? At my spriritual advisor's place? Or do you mean at the shoot? Look honey, I don't mind doing the interview, but you are getting a little personal. Can we talk about my new DVD?

WW: Tell me about the DVD

KL: Well its targeted at women who have had an abusive encounter with an aromatherapist, or are considering doing so.

WW: Is it autobiographical? I mean were you abused, and in what way- was it a group thing for example?

KL: It's mainly about....There you go again. You are just a bastard like all men. Take your hands out of your pockets, creep and try making eye contact once in a while.

WW: Sorry, Kelly. Can we start again? From the Top?

KL:No! You have made me cry!

(The interview ended there.) Kelly Lungstrunk's DVD is available in NTSC format US region only entitled, "Exercises for Getting Over a Stinker"

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