Looking thro Margaret Gilmour's eyes

Hello readers. Margaret here. The Weasel has asked me to make a contribution to his blog, since we are old work colleagues and well - I know he has a soft spot for me.

I have been very busy this week following the mysterious and intriguing death of that Russian man. Poisoned by radiation! He also had been eating sushi and I have to tell you that I don't like sushi. It just tastes like rice with a bit of soggy paper around it and some fish which is probably
Fugu anyway, or Takifugu as it is more accurately called. That can kill people quite utterly horribly. Perhaps he died of Fugu and it wasn't Vladimir Putin's idea after all? I shall submit a programme proposal at once to somebody at Newsnight, except I shan't tell Martha Kearney, the bitch.

I have been watching that wonderful David Attenborough series on television because I have a lot of spare evenings, alone. So anyway I must go to bed, so I shall have a carton of Yakult (good for the digestion), have a little cry and fall asleep listening to Il Divo.

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