Ann Widdecombe writes

I am just back from a party given by Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale "somewhere in London".

It was a bit cramped and there were a lot of people I didn't recognise, who kept going to the bathroom to blow their noses. And then that Caroline Flint came up to me and asked me about facial hair, as I believe it is generally known that she has a moustache. And I said, don't be silly, as long as the collar and cuffs match nobody is particularly worried. She is a piece of work.

Goodness me if I didn't bump into Ruth Kelly, her usual beatific smile broadened to a maniacal grin and a sort of convulsive tick. I know that she is a fellow Catholic but I draw the line at wearing scratchy underwear. If I wanted to indulge in personal irritation I would see more of dear Iain Dale who has taken to dyeing his hair orange - which in itself not irritating but it clashes with his ties.

Goodness me, I have harped on too much about personal hair problems. Just time to ring David Davis' doorbell and run away.

Best Wishes,

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