The Honoured Dead

A memorial service has been held in Fife for the four crew members of the fishing boat Meridian which went down in the North Sea in October. It didn't even make the national headlines for one bulletin.

These men risked everything to work in appalling conditions, to earn an honest wage to feed their families and put the food on our plates.

They did not take drugs or spread diseases or, as far as we know, abuse their children or claim social security or complain about how hard their lives are.

No bleeding heart liberals are queuing up to call for better working conditions or subsidies. No armies of press satellite vehicles have camped outside the church where the mourners quietly said goodbye.

No. These were honest people, the honest poor who pay taxes and work and try to do their best. But it seems that the news media venerate drug injecting prostitutes above them. How do you think that feels?

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