cherie blair nude shock!

It's been revealed that Cherie Blair (yes, that one) has posed nude for a painting done by the artist Euan Uglow.

According to Scotland on Sunday:
"A painting of the PM's wife, naked, has been unearthed after 25 years locked in a gallery storeroom, it was revealed last night.
Cherie Blair posed nude for Euan Uglow when she was an unknown 24 year-old trainee barrister called Cherie Booth"
It's called "Spring, nude, blue dress"

She was introduced to the artist by Derry Irvine, and apparently got paid £5 an hour. (that was probably just to pose..there may have been "extras")

Obviously I cannot publish the original on a family oriented blog, but here is a picture she did for a bloke in Soho in the 1970's


* (asterisk) said...

Oh, God, now I've got to go all Oedipus and pluck out my eyes. Yuk. Weasel, why did you put this on here?!!

a.c.t said...

I reckon she'll soon be following in the footsteps of her dear ole Dad Tony. 'Confessions of a letter box'.