Looking thro' Margaret Gilmore's eyes

You know, I am not getting any younger but the BBC still make me stand outside in the cold next to that silly revolving sign outside the Metropolitan Police HQ. I mean, what about CGI? They will have none of it because the rocket-eating islingtonistas who produce the news insist on 'realite".

Anyway, I am home now playing Jenga. It would have been nice to be playing Jenga with a friend, but Damaris called and said she had a cold and the Scissor Sisters were going to be on Jules Holland. So I am here, on my own, with a half eaten Hawaiian (extra pineapple) and a litre of Dr Pepper.

I havn't finished the latest Mma Ramotswe so I shall treat myself to a muffin and go to bed. I might have a cry.

Love x


Anonymous said...

Surely 'Margaret Gilmore' ?

wrinkled weasel said...

Thanks anon. Lest I be accused of "Stealth" editing like her employers, I admit I mispelt her name and have corrected it.

Funny she never told me herself.