Earnest Plea for an Eterna Watch

I like watches. They fascinate me, along with mechanical devices of all kinds; the more intricate and Heath Robinson, the better. Here are two watch bits:-

Getting a battery for my Omega Seamaster Quartz Watch. I went into this terrible shop that had nobody in it but the two assistants - in their late forties , though you could not really tell due their make-up which kind of made Michael Jackson look normal. Thick heavy pancake it was. The place smelled of carpets. So a quick look around and I discern that this shop is for people with more money than sense...Tag Heur, Omega, Rolex, Gucci etc all dripping in gold and diamonds etc. Of course, they cannot do me a battery. No way. "Has to be sent off to Omega" they say. Bollocks!!! I got it done in a little independent high street jeweller, later, for £3.50, and since I do not intend to go diving, I don't care if it is not factory sealed... I did that a year or two back and it cost £90 and took six weeks. So a shop can sell you a chavvy four grand watch but they cannot fit a battery. Wankers.

But I want another watch! I want an Eterna Matic. So if anybody has an Eterna Matic in good order, that they want to let go, please let me know.


a.c.t said...

I fell for that very same trick with an Ellesse watch I used to wear - I paid throught the nose for a waterproof battery when I could have had a cheaper one. I don't wear a watch anymore, I just look at the time on my mobile. I quite like not being conditioned by it.

* (asterisk) said...

I've experienced this inability to fit batteries on a sporty Sector watch. Stupid people in their stupid posh shop. Ooh look, posh and shop have the same letters.